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Invalid License File

If you have received “Invalid License File” error on your server, you can follow below steps to resolve the same. 1. Restart cPane servicel: 2. If restarting cPanel didn’t fix the problem run this...

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To fix delay in SSH Login

DNS lookup query is responsible for the delay because SSH wait for a response of reverse DNS lookup query that is been made to DNS Server. Solution : To overcome this issue, please follow...

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Unable to add an Addon domain in cPanel

If you received following error while adding domain as an Addon domain from your cPanel. You can simply turn on “Allow Remote Domains” under the WHM tweak settings to resolve this error. Turn on...

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To configure email for Black berry

1. Click on Email Settings. 2. Login to your BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) account. 3. On the homepage, click Email Accounts. 4. Under Email accounts, click Add New (POP3 Account). 5. In the Email...

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To configure email for Iphone

Please follow the instructions below on your email setup: 1. Tap “Settings” 2. Tap “Mail” 3. Tap “Add Account…” 4. Tap “Other” 5. Tap “POP” 6. Enter this Information in the screen Name: your...

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To configue email for android phone

Step1: Goto Applications > Email > Click “Add account” to start setup Step2: Enter your “Email address” and Password to correct field then click “Manual Setup” Step3: Touch “POP3 account” / “IMAP account” to...

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Change the document root using .htaccess file

The public_html directory is your Documentroot directory. Your website is loaded from public_html folder by default. If you have create a website under a sub-folder and you want to display it when you type...

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Apache error file size exceeded

Issue :  If apache appears to crash with this error [notice] child pid x exit signal File size limit exceeded (25). Solution: This error is usually means that a log file is too large for...

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