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How to Set up Email in Outlook

For Outlook 2018 Open Microsoft Outlook 2018 >> select Tools >> click Account >> Select the + icon in the lower left corner. Input your username (For eg :- example@domain.com) >> Click on Continue....

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Crontab in Linux with Examples

The crontab could be a list of commands that you just need to run on a regular schedule. Crontab stands for “cron table”. The cron is that the system process which will automatically perform...

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How to open a port in Windows Firewall

To open a port in Windows Firewall, you can follow below steps. Right-click the Start button >> Click Search Type Windows Firewall >> Click Windows Firewall >> Click Advanced settings. In the left frame...

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How to disable SID (session ID) from the URL in Magento 2?

For example: https://example.com/store/?SID=sfl317buq8ru4uf4a The SID is a “session ID” and Magento uses SID to trace a user’s activity within the same Magento installation. In normal case, Magento powers one website and one store from...

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